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victimtalks0704045.jpgA B.C. woman who survived being shot in the face by her estranged husband is speaking out against what she calls an epidemic of domestic violence in the Indo-Canadian community.In an exclusive interview with CBC News on Wednesday, Gurjeet Kaur Ghuman described how her husband climbed into her car last October in Port Coquitlam with a gun, shot her and then turned the gun on himself.”

Ghuman survived this horrific attack, and is left with a brain injury and blindess.The reality is that there is an epidemic of domestic violence, though not only in the Indo-Canadian community. This is a widespread social problem. Estimates are that up to 50% of all homicides are domestic violence cases.

Ghuman repeatedly stated that she feels “hatred” for what her ex-husband did. The key thing here is that she is addressing his actions, and not condemning the man himself. Still, she has the courage to step forward and speak out to this issue, to bring it out of the darkness.

My feeling is that, apart from serious mental disorders, this issue points to the (self) destructive behaviour in men, as it manifests mosts extremely. Often it also cascades into other addictive behaviour, in which I include physical violence.

My intention is to engage in community work and education on this issue as preventative/rehabilitative practice. I welcome your insight into how to facilitate this process.

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