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    “Michael’s approach successfully straddled the fine line between spiritual and practical concerns in addressing my business needs and questions. I went away feeling inspired and informed. (Michael Rouse, Producer, Lakeland Productions, Vancouver BC)

  • Mindfulness

    is the practice of developing conscious awareness in body, thought, feelings or intention without judgement, cultivating wisdom and compassion toward ourselves and other beings.



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Spiritual Psychology In Daily Life

Check out the blog page with informative and insightful articles on Spiritual Psychology In Daily Life


Find out more about how mindfulness and neuroplasticity work together through EMDR therapy to overcome trauma and destructive behaviours/disorders.

The Mind Whisperer

Check out the online radio program that discuss all aspects of mindfulness as it relates to daily life. Episodes available on iTunes for free download as well!

How To Choose A Counsellor

Choosing A Therapist: The Decision Is Yours You’ve taken the first step,...

22nd Jan
How To Choose A Counsellor